Trash To Treasure Sofa Table


Well I think this is the only pic I have, but it’s better than no pic at all (which has happened.). So I found the base of this sofa table in my neighbors trash. It was an aquarium stand. It was nice and rusted! My husband wanted me to paint the black iron base but I said NO WAY! We picked out some wood together at Home Depot and he started cutting! Hubby did a great job. I found some new color of stain at Home Depot( sorry can’t remember name) and my husband got busy while I played with the kiddos. Truthfully, husband was the craftsman on this one, he even stained it for me. I kind of felt like a designer in that I had a vision, gave direction, and then there was a finished piece. I do love it when we get to work together on a piece and turns out nicely!
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Maison Blanche Glacage


Glacage is an embossing cream. It is used to creat texture, three dimensional patterns, texture and can even be used to repair flaws in furniture as a filler. For this piece I used a zebra stencil and worked in sections as the glacage dries. This piece is not complete yet but I was so excited that I had to share. Here are few in the process pics.




Glacage comes in several colors to match the type of wood your piece of furniture is.

Take your next piece of furniture to the next level with Maison Blanche Glacage.


Maison Blanche Painted Side Table

When I came across this little side/end table I was super excited as it is not a piece you come across every day and has some great storage for books or magazines.  Like many things, it sat in my garage for some time, but I did manage to snap a before pic before I got to much paint on it. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Craft Sign for $3


My 3 year old daughter is getting into crafting and I love it.  Instead of calling them crafts she calls them craps!  Its to funny now, but will have to correct her soon!

So as usual I have zero pictures of us making our craft but will share anyway.  I purchased foam board and the felt heart from the dollar store and had the red chevron paper from target about a month ago knowing I wanted to do something crafty with it.  Not to mention I am in love with anything chevron!  I drew out the letters using my yard stick and did some easy measurements to try and make everything even.  One thing i didn’t think about until after the fact was making sure the letters were short enough to fit the paper around it.  It is wrapping paper but a shorter roll than the normal wrapping paper.  I cut the letters out with an exacto knife and then my daughter and I simply taped the paper on the back side pretty much the way you would wrap a gift.  I had a really hard time drawing the perfect O so I started looking for a oval object I could use to trace but then I saw found the red heart and wallah.  There you have it, pretty easy.  Next time I will try to make prettier letters.


My Daughters New Furniture Painted with Maison Blanche La Craie


After months of sitting in our garage I finally did it!  And here is the big reveal.  I, however, forgot to take pictures of these pieces before I painted them.  I have got to get better at this.  I think I get so excited to paint that I just go for it and forget.  Anyway, I bought this set to transition my three year old from her baby furniture to her “big girl furniture.”  Continue reading

Maison Blanche Painting Class Knoxville TN


Come and joiImagen us and Consign to Design on February 9th at 1oclock to learn how to use Maison Blanche La Craie Furniture Paint.  The cost of the class is $95 and will include all materials needed for your class.  Space is limited so please reserve your spot now.  Come see all the beautiful things you can do with your next furniture painting project.  To reserve your spot call Colleen @ 865-243-4982.

Sneak peek of my daughters new furniture!

Well I am always terrible at taking before pics! I must get better at this because that’s what make for the dramatic effect. I cant even remember when i bought this set….it was over the summer I believe. Well i finally started last week. Here is a pic (taken with my phone in my in laws basement so forgive the poor quality.)


I chose Magnolia white from my line of maison blanche la craie. I have added dark wax which totally made it for me. I will share some better quality photos once we get these moved back home. Unfortunately its been raining for days 😦 thanks for looking and be sure to keep an eye out for the finish product:) God bless!


Maison Blanche La Craie Paint Swatches Are Ready

DSC_2660Consign to Design now has all 28 colors of Maison Blanche La Craie furniture paint on display.  Each color has been completed in both clear and dark wax for you to see the effects of each.  Get it soon before your favorite colors are gone!  Here are a few more shots of the beautiful color swatches… Continue reading

Maison Blanche La Craie Paint is Now Available in Knoxville, TN

It is finally here!  Maison Blanche La Craie furniture paint has made its way to Knoxville, TN.  It can be found at Consign to Design which is located at 10420 Kingston Pike, Suite D Knoxville, TN 37922.

Continue reading