My Daughters New Furniture Painted with Maison Blanche La Craie


After months of sitting in our garage I finally did it!  And here is the big reveal.  I, however, forgot to take pictures of these pieces before I painted them.  I have got to get better at this.  I think I get so excited to paint that I just go for it and forget.  Anyway, I bought this set to transition my three year old from her baby furniture to her “big girl furniture.”  We painted her room a beautiful creamy yellow so I wanted her furniture to be white but I love the detail in this set so I really wanted to add some dark wax to the piece which totally changed the color of the paint.  Well, I am in love with it and love the cream off white with the wall color and her new bedding.  I was going to paint the hardware however I put a piece on there to try and decide what I wanted to paint them.  When I put them on I decided to leave them just the way they are.

Here is a pic of the piece with the Magnolia paint before the dark wax.

740665_329742657140453_1709602806_oI did not do any sanding to this piece, just gave it a good wipe down and got to work.  I applied two coats in some areas and three in others for a very opaque look.  I knew I was not going to distress at all so I wanted complete coverage.  This is the first large piece I used with La Craie’s dark wax and LOVED it!  You do not have to clear wax prior to dark wax nor do you have to use your clear wax to pull off the dark wax.  I brushed a little on and spread it with a lint free rag.  It goes on so much easier than other dark waxes I have used and really soaks in the paint.  I love how much adding this wax changes the look of each piece!

And now for the matching chest of drawers…

Chest painted in Maison Blanche Magnolia with dark and clear wax.

A little closer…

chest2I must get rid of those hot pink curtains!

One more shot.  dresser1

And now we decorate!!!!!  Going to check out Consign to Design for some accessories this weekend!  Have a great day!!!

5 thoughts on “My Daughters New Furniture Painted with Maison Blanche La Craie

  1. Love this piece……in process of finishing bed with maison Blanche magnolia. I am using your advice in the process. Noted that there are 4 choices of wax. Clear,amber,light and dark brown. Did u use the dark brown for this dresser? If so it sure goes on lighter than Annie Sloan. Please advice!

    • Karina,
      Yes our waxes are quite different than AS, especially the colored waxes. They are much softer and easier to work with. I would say they kind of work more like a glaze in the way that they can go on very smooth and can be pulled very far. For this piece I used the dark brown and would just apply a little with a chip brush and blend it in with a rag. The other wonderful thing is that you do not have to apply clear wax prior to dark wax as you do with ASCP. I only applied a very small amount of dark wax to give it a little depth. More can be added very easily to create a darker color. I hope this helps! Happy painting!!

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