Maison Blanche Painted Side Table

When I came across this little side/end table I was super excited as it is not a piece you come across every day and has some great storage for books or magazines.  Like many things, it sat in my garage for some time, but I did manage to snap a before pic before I got to much paint on it.IMG_20130408_141330_599I had a can of Maison Blanche Vintage in Sugar Cane already opened in my workshop and new it was the perfect soft blue to go on this piece.  I chose Maison Blanche Vintage in Vanille to complement Sugar Cane.  The Dark Brown Antiquing Wax brought it all together.  I really like using two colors on a piece and bringing them together by using a colored wax.

DSC_3870When I purchased this, it was missing one knob on the drawer.  I planned to hit up Hobby Lobby for some new hardware (which is now always priced at 50% off) however I new the handle on the bottom would be hard to match the nail holes.  So my instinct was to paint the original one, which would have been great except for when I picked out the knobs and got them home I realized they didn’t match the handle I painted in Sugar Cane.  What is a girl to do?  I stepped away for a while until I came up with some kind of solution.  Then I remembered this great idea I saw on The Nate Berkus Show, which I have saved on my DVR since they have taken it off the air 😦  He used ribbon and fed it through the holes from the hardware and tied it on the inside.  So I went searching in my mess of a craft/laundry room to find something to use as a handle.  I found some that looked like a small piece of rope and decided to go with it.  DSC_3871And here is one more side view.  She is available at Consign to Design, in Knoxville, TN.  DSC_3873Thanks for looking!

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