Trash To Treasure Sofa Table


Well I think this is the only pic I have, but it’s better than no pic at all (which has happened.). So I found the base of this sofa table in my neighbors trash. It was an aquarium stand. It was nice and rusted! My husband wanted me to paint the black iron base but I said NO WAY! We picked out some wood together at Home Depot and he started cutting! Hubby did a great job. I found some new color of stain at Home Depot( sorry can’t remember name) and my husband got busy while I played with the kiddos. Truthfully, husband was the craftsman on this one, he even stained it for me. I kind of felt like a designer in that I had a vision, gave direction, and then there was a finished piece. I do love it when we get to work together on a piece and turns out nicely!
Thanks for visiting. God Bless

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