Valentine’s Day Craft Sign for $3


My 3 year old daughter is getting into crafting and I love it.  Instead of calling them crafts she calls them craps!  Its to funny now, but will have to correct her soon!

So as usual I have zero pictures of us making our craft but will share anyway.  I purchased foam board and the felt heart from the dollar store and had the red chevron paper from target about a month ago knowing I wanted to do something crafty with it.  Not to mention I am in love with anything chevron!  I drew out the letters using my yard stick and did some easy measurements to try and make everything even.  One thing i didn’t think about until after the fact was making sure the letters were short enough to fit the paper around it.  It is wrapping paper but a shorter roll than the normal wrapping paper.  I cut the letters out with an exacto knife and then my daughter and I simply taped the paper on the back side pretty much the way you would wrap a gift.  I had a really hard time drawing the perfect O so I started looking for a oval object I could use to trace but then I saw found the red heart and wallah.  There you have it, pretty easy.  Next time I will try to make prettier letters.