Painted Buffet in Maison Blanche Furniture Paint

Maison Blanche in Hurricane and Magnolia with Dark Wax

So this is probably one of my favorite painted pieces to date.  I have always loved these type of buffets but find they are usually priced high.  I splurged a little on this one, but felt like it was a good investment.  I love the bones!


Here is the before pic.  Sorry it’s from my cell and no…I don’t have the iphone 😉buffetPainting it was pretty self explanatory.  The only problem I ran into was some bleed through on the top so I used two coats of Shellac and then repainted.  The main color is Maison Blanche Furniture Paint in Hurricane and the doors and drawers are Magnolia.  Both were topped off with some dark brown antiquing wax, also a Maison Blanche product (my favorite product we have.)DSC_3152

I picked up some flashy knobs from Hobby Lobby (my favorite place for knobs!)  They had some bling bling on them which made me love them even more!  I also put two extra coats of clear on the top, buffed and then she was ready for a new home.  Somebody has actually already scooped her up!

Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!


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