My First MMS Milk Paint Piece!

DSC_3850I would like to start by saying I LOVE Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  It is VERY different than Maison Blanche Furniture Paint, which I am also extremely passionate about!  For those of you that do not know, milk paint comes in powder form and you mix with water as needed.  There are many note worthy reasons for using milk paint but here are the top three in my opinion…

1.  The chippy goodness, which can not be imitated with any other product out there.

2. It is completely all natural, no VOCs.

3. It was great on raw wood soaking into the grain instead of laying on top of a surface.

I chose this piece for my first project.  It will display my MMSMP at Consign to Design.  DSC_3164Miss mustard seed currently has 12 beautiful colors.  Normally, I stay very neutral in color but have been so drawn to this beautiful Flow Blue and went with my gut.

DSC_3166Look how light and gray the color is in powder form.  As soon as you add water the color starts to change.


Once I had the outside painted I new I wanted a different color for the inside.  I decided to go bold for a change (and be patriotic!)

Now, one thing that may be hard for some people is the randomness of the chipping (however that’s my favorite thing!).  You never know where it will occur.  More porous surfaces soak in the paint and the shinny/glossy surfaces resist it, which is what makes the chippy look.  This piece of furniture was very glossy and more paint chipped off than I wanted so then I went back and added some bonding agent to my paint and touched up some areas where I felt needed a little more paint.  I then sanded with a fine sanding block to try and blend in the different layers of paint.  Here is an example and its actually my favorite area of this piece 🙂


Another awesome thing about it is that you can water the paint down to make a wash or stain like finish.  I now know from taking a retailers workshop, that I was mixing the paint to thin, which means I had too much water or not enough powder.  When the paint is to thin it will require more coats of paint.  I was trying to follow the directions on the bag to a T but really its just a guide.  I think many people do more of a 1 to 1 measurements (1 part water 1 part milk paint.)

DSC_3847I have been feeling a little nervous about the finished piece as it is way more bold than I normally go and I am not sure how people are going to feel about it, but I do love it and would put it in my home…if my husband would let me 🙂

I am so excited to start selling Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and the other products that come with it.  It will be available starting tomorrow at Consign to Design in Knoxville, TN.  Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!!!

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