Book Shelf Makeover Using Maison Blanche La Craie Chalk Paint in Magnolia

There is a good story to this piece!  Every once in a while my husband will bring a piece of furniture home (without my knowing or more importantly my approval.)  This one time he paid $15 for a plastic! table that I had to give away to get rid off.  This time he did a good thing and it was free.  This piece was in a house fire and the folks didn’t want it back so Will brought it home.  It sat in my garage for while until my new Maison Blanche chalk paint arrived.  I decided at the last minute to use this as my display piece because I didn’t want to purchase something else that I had no room for in my garage.  Eventually I want to find a different display piece but this is will work for now.

Here is the before pic.

I love the color of the wood but my favorite feature is the backing.  It’s hard to see in the pic but it looks like slats of wood.  I went back and forth about painting the entire piece then finally decided to only paint the outside of the piece and leave the inside raw wood.  Love the out come!

Here is some close up shots.


I used Maison Blanche chalk paint in Magnolia.  I wanted this piece to look heavily distressed and so I actually used a electric sander on some areas to make the process go a little faster.  Wiped it down with some baby wipes and then topped it off with one coat of our clear wax.  Love the results!

This piece is not currently available as it is housing our Maison Blanche Chalk paint for sale located in Consign to Design!

Thanks for looking.


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