Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint


What is Milk Paint?
It’s a powdered, all natural paint (no VOC’s) that has been around for thousands of years. It was found in the pyramids in Egypt and on ancient cave paintings. It’s been used in America for years on furniture, walls, barns, etc. It is a versatile paint that gives a beautiful, smooth finish and a beautiful antique look.

Is Milk Paint good for raw wood?
Yes, it’s the best paint for raw wood. It acts like a stain, but looks like a paint. The color will penetrate the wood for a lasting finish that won’t chip or flake. This makes it an ideal paint for raw wood cabinets or floors.

Do I have to prime before using Milk Paint?
No. You can simply apply the bonding agent to the first coat of paint. That will make the first coat act almost like a colored primer. You do not need to add the bonding agent to the second coat.

Hemp Oil Wood Finish is a great sealer that provides a water resistant finish with a soft satin sheen.  Followed by our beeswax will provide rich patina and extra lasting protection. Both of these are food safe and all natural. Hemp Oil is very easy to use, you can use a spare rag or brush for a quick application. Several coats are required for a proper sealed and protected finish. This top coat is ideal for
interior surfaces not coming into contact with a lot of water. For exterior top coating, we recommend Tung Oil.

Furniture Wax & Antiquing Wax is a great sealer commonly used on antiques to revive old wood effects, protect and condition the wood to prevent aging. Our beeswax is completely food safe, ideal for counter tops, salad bowls, cooking utensils, furniture, stone or cast iron.  It’s very similar to other waxes on the market (Annie Sloan, Fiddes, Briwax), except it’s a little creamier
and very low odor.


9 thoughts on “Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your inquiry. One bag is equivalent to 1 quart. 1 quart covers approximately 70 sq ft and they $22.99 each. It is definitely different than Annie Sloan’s paint. One of the things I love about milk paint is that it is extremely versatile. You can make it solid, chip, thin or thick and it layers great also. We have color cards that are print puts from the computer so the color is not 100% accurate it may be easier to check out the website and see samples if pieces. . I am happy to ship paint or answer any other questions youse have. Thanks so much!

    • It works great on those types of surface with the bonding agent. The bonding agent is added directly to mixed paint. Super easy to do!

  1. Thank you for the reply . I have a corner television stand frame to do. I have decided to do the glass/hard plastic shelves in decoupage. The frame is black and a hard plastic same coverage will be an issue. I want to use the Lucketts Green. I also have a coffee table with a resin shelf and I have decided to do the glass/plastic top on it in decoupage also. It is dark brown and iron so I am assuming coverage will be an issue again.

    So do you sell the bonding agent or do you tell me what to buy to put in it? And what about finishing these since they are not wood what should I use for finishing? Can you supply me with everything I need?

    I tried to attach a picture but this reply program would not allow it.

    Thank You,

    Bonita Shockley

    • Yes I sell the bonding agent in my store. I would finish with a wax which I also have. Are you local where you could come in and I could walk you through it? Thanks!

    • Yes I do have all of these products available in my store and am happy to walk you through the process thanks!

  2. Looking for the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. Do you still carry it? I live an hour and half away and want to make sure you have it before I come there. I need tricycle and typewriter.

    • Yes I sure do. I have both those Cora in stock. You can call 865-243-4982 to check with me on my hours the day you want to come or I am happy to shop products as well. Thanks!

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