Gray and White Painted Coffee Table

I have a funny story behind this $10 craigslist coffee table. I had my mom pick it up for me as it is much easier for her to get around town then it is for me with two babies.  Anyway she got soooo lost trying to find the place and I felt pretty bad.  When she got it home and my dad noticed that one of the legs had two huge bolts on the outside.  I’m guessing it broke and this was someones remedy of fixing it.  We had a laugh about the fact that my mom didn’t even notice. We were thankful we only spent $10.
So at that point I knew I didn’t really want to paint it for the shop so it sat around for a little while.
 I was given some samples from a chalk paint distributor and new I dint have enough paint to paint it all one color.  Nor could I find a different piece of furniture in my inventory small enough to cover the entire piece with two small jars of paint so I decided to use my samples on this cute little coffee table.
I love it but don’t have a spot for it.  Now it is sitting in my garage and I am not sure what to do with it but I have decided that I love the gray and white color scheme.  And let me just add the paint went on great.  I also love how easily the paint can sand of to give a nice distressed look.  I love love love chalk paint!!!
Thanks for looking!

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